FibroHealth - Combatting Fibrosis in Chronic Diseases

Fibrosis is a major pathologic process in several chronic diseases. It is estimated to contribute to nearly half of the mortality in western countries. Fibrosis is a scarring process where functional tissue is replaced by excess extracellular matrix leading eventually to organ failure and death.

FibroHealth – Combatting Fibrosis in Chronic diseases (FibroHealth) is one of University of Oulu´s interdisciplinary research fields integrating biomedical and human sciences.

Research themes

FibroHealth strengthens and expands our high-level fibrosis related research to generate impactful new knowledge of the molecular, epidemiological, clinical and behavioral basis of fibrosis in complex chronic diseases and unhealthy ageing. The goal of our innovative multidisciplinary ecosystem is to develop novel effective preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic options to combat fibrotic diseases and associated adverse societal outcomes.   

Fibrohealth research community is wide in several faculties and also cross-links with other profiling themes, especially GenZ, DigiHealth, HiDyn and 6G-FSS - see Top Research under "Strengthening human capabilities in the digital era", "Digitalized solutions for future healthcare", "Dynamic data modelling", and "6G solutions for data-driven society". 

FibroHealth currently covers the following Academy of Finland funded themes running in parallel: Profi3 Fibrosis Diseasome and Profi6 Fibrobesity.

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