Support for traineeship in Finland

University of Oulu awards traineeship support for their own degree students’ work placements both in Finland and abroad.

Support for Traineeships in Finland

The support for Traineeship in Finland (total 1600 € for the traineeship outside the University of Oulu) is paid to the employer to compensate the expenses caused by organizing the traineeship period. The employer first pays the salary and at the end of the internship invoices the University support. Support is available to employers at public sector, third sector and private companies with less than 250 employees.

The student is eligible to apply for the support for Traineeship in Finland if

  • The work placement is a part of the studies (the contents of the work placement have been approved by  the student’s degree programme),
  • The work placement will last at least 2 months (full-time work),
  • The student salary is min 1283 €/month (2022), 
  • The student is actively registered in the University during the traineeship period,
  • The student is under contract with the employer during the entire traineeship period and
  • The student has not previously completed a traineeship period supported by the University (excl. Erasmus+Traineeship).


The application is made on SoleMOVE. Before leaving the application on SoleMOVE  the student has made a confirmation of traineeship with his/her traineeship contact person. Then The Traineeship Agreement between the University and the employer should be made BEFORE the traineeship period begins. The student will attach the copy of the agreement to his/her SoleMOVE application. After  the application is approved the student will receive a approvance message sent by SoleMOVE. 

Application period for 2022 is open from Dec 17 2021 until May 31 2022


Please be on time! Number of the supports is limited.  Application period ends when the support is used.

The application for the support should be made before the start date of traineeship.

More information: Angela Suorsa, angela.suorsa(at)