Changing climate and northern environment

We seek to understand global environmental change, interactions in northern environment and the effects of climate change in the Arctic. Our research also covers the near-Earth space and Earth´s atmosphere.

Wide-range Arctic research

Warming and rapid changes in the Arctic threaten vital ecosystems in the North as well as traditional cultures and livelihoods. We study Arctic interactions and biodiversity loss, monitor changes in the Arctic and promote sustainable development in northern societies and around the planet.

In addition to the Arctic research, we also study:

  • the activity of the Sun and changes in the activity, and the effects of the Sun on the atmosphere and climate
  • solar system astronomy

Researchers and projects

Take a look at our researchers and their research topics.

Multidisciplinary research activities in the focus area are coordinated by the Kvantum Institute. Research is conducted mainly in the Faculties of Science and Technology.

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