Completing studies

Information on completing your studies.

Completing studies

Personal Study Plan - PSP

A personal study plan (PSP) is a plan that students prepare for themselves. It contains the contents, extent and duration of their studies.

Recognition of learning

Recognition of learning refers to set practices that can be used to assess the learning of the student and to approve that learning as part of the student’s studies.


There are three types of exam practices at the University of Oulu: Exam taken during a course (lecture exam), General exam and E-exam.


An official digital transcript is available in WebOodi for University of Oulu students. The transcript in WebOodi is an official printable transcript of the University of Oulu.

Minor studies

Minor studies may be compulsory in or you can study the minor as part of elective studies.

Study Guides

The study guides include information on degrees, curriculums, courses and course timetables.

Languages and Communication

Studying languages is part of your degree and an investment in the future. We offer language courses to the degree students of the University of Oulu in all faculties.

Cross-institutional study

As a student at the University of Oulu, you can supplement your studies by selecting courses from other universities.

Student Feedback

The University of Oulu collects feedback to develop and evaluate the quality of study and teaching and services related to them.

Open University

The Open University provides the chance to study regardless of your age or prior education. You may complete basic and intermediate studies as well as language and communication studies.

University of Oulu Summer School 2021

In the University of Oulu you can study and earn credits towards your degree during the summer time.

Information skills training

The information skills training and courses included in your studies are organized by the library.