Student Exchange

In general, all degree students of the University of Oulu can apply for a student exchange. This means that they can study a part of their degree in a partner university abroad. There are several programmes and hundreds of universities to choose from.

Interested in Student Exchange?

The length of a student exchange is usually 1 or 2 semesters. Students can get selected only once in each programme (destinations outside Europe, ISEP, Nordplus, FIRST, north2north), except in Erasmus, which allows students to go on exchange both on their Bachelor and Master level, up to total of 12 months (including Erasmus placements).

When you start planning your exchange, international master's degree students should bare in mind that the duration of their degree is two years and graduating on time is important. Their study plan contains a set of precisely defined courses, which are required for graduation. This sets more specific requirements for planning the exchange period. Before applying for an exchange, it is essential to discuss your study progress and your study plan with your master's degree programme coordinator.

All students going on exchange receive a grant, the sum of which depends on the destination and the exchange programme. When going through an official exchange programme or an agreement, students do not need to pay tuition fees of the receiving institution.

You may ask more information about going on an exchange from your Faculty's Exchange Coordinator or University level student exchange services. 

Broaden your horizon – go on exchange!

Instructions for Students Going on Exchange