Flexible Study Right - JOO

The flexible study right (JOO right) means the possibility to apply for a study right to another university, e.g.in order to complete a minor or separate courses.

Flexible Study Right - JOO

Anyone completing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at a Finnish university may apply for the JOO flexible study right. The student must be enrolled as present at their home university in order to apply for  flexible study right, and after receiving the right they may do JOO studies at another university (either some or all courses during one academic year). All Finnish universities are participants in the agreement on flexible study right. More information on the studies offered at other universities is available at national JOOPAS webservice.

More specific guidelines on application practices and supporting and granting study rights are available at the JOO flexible study right guidelines of the universities at JOOPAS service and electronic JOO application service. The guidelines of the universities (in Finnish) can be found at guidelines by university. You can get more information by contacting the study counsellor at your home university or at the target university.

Please check the application procedures for the JOO applications and the processing schedule in the JOO guidelines. Further information on the application procedures of the universities is available from the JOO study counsellors of the respective universities.

A doctoral student needs a commitment to pay from the principal supervisor for flexible study right. After receiving a commitment to pay, the application can be sent directly to receiving university.