Materials and Mechanical Engineering

The focus of the Materials and Mechanical Engineering research unit is on the manufacture, properties and applications of high strength steels.

Materials and Mechanical Engineering includes four separate fields of study: Automotive and Work Machinery Engineering, Machine Design, Materials Engineering and Production Engineering. The research is also focused on four different focus areas, but with the common factor being the new high-strength steels and their manufacture, use and utilization in machines, vehicles and various structural solutions.


Materials Engineering educates experts for the needs of metal industry as well as the metal products- and electronics industries. Graduate engineers in Production Engineering play a key role in the design, control and operation of production lines in various industries. The study field of Machine Design delves into e.g. machine design, product development and machine construction technology. In Automotive and Work Machinery Engineering, the emphasis is on the design, product development and construction technology of heavy transport equipment and various modern work machines. Extensive training in all of these fields of study enables a wide variety of work assignments.


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